SEO Strategy Fundamentals for Beginners


So you’ve just acquired a spanking new domain name always try for a domain that has your keywords in it. Lately it’s been a lot of work that you have spent the past days building blogs and posts, battling with annoying WordPress templates and odd HTML tags,¬†AUTHORITY BACKLINKS but no one has visited. All your work is sitting there but there isn’t one person who is actually aware you exist. This is because you have not performed quality search engine optimization for your site yet. At this point you hopefully have added a lot of unique content and are well aware that duplicate content is greatly lacking in weight for search engines. It’s best to start your backlinking slowly and work your way up over the next few months, so you have plenty of time and will get tired of making links soon.

Make sure that you have some kind of energy drink if you are trying to be involved with internet marketing. It can really take some serious hours of grinding and such to get good results, but these benefits can provide passive income in the long run. So do the best you can to perform quality works and gain good backlinks for your domain and deep linked pages. This may take months and even years, but it can be done. Most of the people we help out building search engine optimization campaigns for see improvements within one month, but it can take a lot longer to reach the final top 5 positions on keywords that are medium or high competition. It’s just part of the game and Google validating your blog. Check on your competition and you can get a better idea once you’ve been successful at ranking some backlinks.

Now the search engine optimization strategy is this:

* Add articles with backlinks to your domain
* Register forum profiles
* Post on relevant forums and message boards, use keyword for anchor texts
* Comment on domains in your area
* Build Squidoo pages
* Make sure to point social bookmarks at your main site
* Post your site to directories (relevant categories)

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